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A Leadership Quiz  
Food for Thought
If you want something you've never had - you will probably have to do something you've never done.
Famous Quote

"Any calling is great
when greatly pursued."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Company News
Jan, 2008
Dr. Paul Kline will be addressing the Board of Directors for the Texas Veterinary Medical Assoc. facilitating a session on leader- ship development and strategic planning.
Feb, 2008
Advansus and The CMI Group once again will partner together to review performance and initialize a 360 review process.


Is Leadership in Your Organization Failing?

Check the list below to determine if you are experiencing any of the symptoms of Leadership Failure in your business:

  • Excessive meetings

  • Preponderance of consensus-driven decision making (i.e. the cover-your-behind mentality)

  • Lack of personal accountability

  • Time-consuming and/or meaningless personnel evaluations

  • Communication problems

  • Misalignment/Lack of coordinated effort

  • Personality conflicts and/or power struggles

  • Difficulty keeping employees motivated

  • Unacceptable results

  • Time management problems

  • Reactive rather than proactive thinking

  • Micro-management

  • Canít-do attitudes

  • Unproductive teams and/or ineffective teamwork

  • Duplication of effort

  • High staff turnover

  • Failure to achieve quality standards

  • Fear of making decisions or taking initiative









   Learn more about this very practical and useful tool.

Any of these symptoms can be the sign of illness known as Leadership Failure.  The treatment required is more than a Band-Aid of shuffling offices, new titles, better job descriptions or hoping things will change (they wonít).  You need to help your people develop into the leaders that they can, and probably want, to become.









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