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How We Do It  
Food for Thought
If you want something you've never had - you will probably have to do something you've never done.
Famous Quote

"Any calling is great
when greatly pursued."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Company News
Jan, 2008
Dr. Paul Kline will be addressing the Board of Directors for the Texas Veterinary Medical Assoc. facilitating a session on leader- ship development and strategic planning.
Feb, 2008
Advansus and The CMI Group once again will partner together to review performance and initialize a 360 review process.


It's not enough to merely know something.  As the saying goes, "To know and not to do is not yet to know." A personal fitness trainer is not one to work out for you, but rather to work with you to achieve your own desired level of fitness.  So it is with personal and professional development - the benefit is realized by applying what you know and learn through the repeated interaction of the coaching process.

We focus on you Ė your needs and wants; the desired results that you want to see. We meet with you to analyze issues to be addressed and outline goals and results indicators. We then create a customized program to meet your performance needs.

What distinguishes our processes are:

We come to you and work with you directly in-house, or if more convenient, we can provide distance programs via telephone. Our emphasis is to help apply skills and knowledge acquired to actual situations and challenges faced in order to create maximum results with minimal amount of disruption to your schedule.  

Spaced repetition
The average retention rate of information for people that attend a typical seminar is only 2% after just 16 days.  It's not necessarily because the seminar was poorly presented, but because it was a one-time exposure
that didn't incorporate effective learning methodologies for long-term retention and application.  Our methods are different and they work.

Guaranteed results
At Advansus we are dedicated to working with our clients to achieve real results.  Prior to implementing a program we will sit down with you to map out your desired results and the time frame to achieve them.  If youíre not satisfied, we arenít either.  We will do whatever it takes to make it right or refund your investment.  Itís that simple.

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